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Women March From Campinas to Sao Paulo
Women walk 100km to increase awareness of issues they face
In Brazil, the organizers of third International Rally started the 100km march from Campinas to Sao Paulo. The 10-day walk began on March 8, to celebrate International Women's Day.... (Antonio Carlos Rix)
The art of writing with clarity
The clarity of a paragraph is very important
... (Alfredo Ascanio)
Defining 'America'
[Small Town America] Four slices of the American Pie
Before chronicling his trip North, South, East, and West in the continental United States, Citizen Reporter David McLane defines what he means by "America"... (David McLane)
Town Remembers Martin Luther King Jr.
Tyler, Texas holds 23rd celebration for the civil rights leader
The MLK event stands in stark contrast to the Confederate memorial plaque in the downtown square, says citizen reporter Joffre D. Meyer... (Joffre D. Meyer)
Mixing Gods, Devils, and Geishas
Viewing Setsubun (Japanese Spring Ritual) in Kyoto and Nara
David Michael Weber reports on his Setsubun holiday. Setsubun (Feb 3rd) is a spring ritual where Japanese drive bad luck, in the form of Oni (devils), out of their homes with a handful of tossed bean... (David Michael Weber)
Journey Ends at Brenda
[Small Town America] US 60 Part 14
David McLane reaches the end of US 60, on his multi-part journey across America.... (David McLane)
Down And Over The Mogollon Rim
[Small Town America] US 60 Part 13
As he entered Phoenix, David McLane found the original route of US 60, and tracked down where it ran before the Arizona city grew to one of the most prominent in the U.S.... (David McLane)
Across the Plains of San Augustin to Arizona
[Small Town America] US 60 Part 12
Driving West, David McLane visits the Very Large Array -- a giant radio telescope that helps scientists peer into space... (David McLane)
Crossing into Texas
[Small Town America] US 60 Part 10
When I got off the train at Amarillo on a spring evening in 1955 and saw the full moon shining over the flat land that stretched forever, I felt I'd reached the promised land.... (David McLane)
Across the New Mexico Outback
[Small Town America] US 60 Part 11
While visiting a feed lot in Texas, citizen reporter Dave McLane had a perplexing question: how do you photograph thousands of cattle at once?... (David McLane)
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"I see no Boundaries" David McLane 2009/12/16 12:48
[Author Interview] 'You And The Pirates' Tania Campbell 2009/12/11 14:58
Finding Washington Apples in Oklahoma David McLane 2009/12/11 14:40
Welcome to Granby David McLane 2009/12/07 11:02
American by Birth David McLane 2009/12/02 11:13
A Visit To The Creation Museum David McLane 2009/12/01 11:49
Two Classic Small Towns in Kentucky David McLane 2009/11/24 09:33
Beauty from the Fires of Hell David McLane 2009/11/23 10:38
Two Stories Become Three in Lexington, Va. David McLane 2009/11/17 14:44
US 60 Starts at Neptune David McLane 2009/11/13 10:46
Times Square to Virginia Beach David McLane 2009/11/09 22:19
Young Indian Is Chess Champion Sasidharan Nair 2009/11/09 10:05
The Last Lincoln Highway Sign David McLane 2009/11/05 11:32
Nearing The Journey's End David McLane 2009/10/28 10:14
Crossing West Virginia, Into Pennsylvania David McLane 2009/10/26 10:19
Preserving Cultural Heritage through Korean Embroidery Maria Margaretta Vivijanti 2009/10/25 16:31
Somewhere Around the Middle of Ohio David McLane 2009/10/20 12:54
Placido Domingo's Voice Shines In Chengdu Emmy Lee 2009/10/16 10:30
'Ideal Section' Starts Lincoln Highway in Indiana David McLane 2009/10/07 11:01
Lincoln Highway Crossed by Jefferson Highway David McLane 2009/10/07 10:50
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Ronda Hauben
Netizens Question Cause of Cheonan Tragedy
Michael Werbowski
[Opinion] Democracy's Downfall
Michael Solis
Arizona's Immigration Bill and Korea
Yehonathan Tommer
Assassination in Dubai
[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
  [ESL/EFL] Talking About Change
  [ESL/ EFL Podcast] Personal Finances
  [ESL/EFL] Buying and Selling
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