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Blissfully Yours
Directed by Apitchatpong Weerasethakul (2002)
Blissfully Yours, the second feature from Thai director Apitchatpong Weerasethakul, is a film about ecstasy that happens outside of time... (Howard Schumann)
An Education
Directed by Lone Scherfig (2009)
While the film is solid entertainment, well acted and directed and full of life, it is unadventurous and fails to probe its subject matter: the valid struggle many young people have between the demand... (Howard Schumann)
[Opinion Essay] J’accuse!
The fury over "The Other Dumas" and European views of race
The new French biopic "The Other Dumas," has caused a bitter racial controversy. In the film Dumas is white. In reality Dumas was black. Black intellectuals and cultural critics, especially in France,... (Alfred Oshin)
The Blind Side
Directed by John Lee Hancock (2009)
Hancock's film is undemanding entertainment that lacks a great deal of subtlety but is continuously entertaining and emotionally involving and redefines the true meaning of family values.... (Howard Schumann)
Last Train Home
Directed by Lixin Fan (2009)
Lixin Fan's revealing documentary "Last Train Home" is not a film about economics but about humanity and the personal toll families of migrant workers must endure.... (Howard Schumann)
Fish Tank
Directed by Andrea Arnold (2009)
"Fish Tank" is a strong and unpredictable film because Mia is a strong (though flawed) character who refuses to allow her miserable circumstances to control her life.... (Howard Schumann)
The Ghost Writer
Directed by Roman Polanski (2010)
Winner of a Silver Bear in Berlin for Best Director, "The Ghost Writer" shows Polanski at the top of his form and in total control of the medium.... (Howard Schumann)
"The Country Teacher"
Directed by Bhodan Slama (2008)
In spite of some unwanted melodrama, "The Country Teacher" avoids stereotypes and achieves a searing emotional power by telling us that love is stronger than fear and that there can be no love without... (Howard Schumann)
I'm Going to Explode
Directed by Gerardo Naranjo (2008)
Surviving an unnecessarily melodramatic and predictable ending, "I'm Going to Explode" is a film of sensual delight and pure exhilaration... (Howard Schumann)
Of Time and the City
Directed by Terence Davies (2008)
Calling his film his "chanson d'amour for all that has passed," Davies fails to communicate the warmth and love implicit in that label... (Howard Schumann)
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