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[Opinion] H1N1: Preparing for The next plague.
Fear of H1N1 takes on a terrifying dimension worldwide
Is this latest flu going bring a windfall of profits to big pharma? If this panic continues, then wouldn't the authorities realize they have to resort to harsh measure to control its citizens?... (Michael Werbowski)
A (H1N1) Fear Hits Brazilians
Southern Brazil worst hit by the Influenza virus
Brazil's media and government authorities claim that influenza A(H1N1) is under control. This author suspects otherwise.... (Ana Maria Brambilla)
[Letter from Mexico] Ugly Canadians
[Opinion] A personal chronicle of a diplomatic crisis worsening each day
Being Canadian abroad especially in Mexico is nothing to cheer or gloat about these days. My advice to fellow Canadian is to stay invisible, if you can, until this crisis passes over.... (Michael Werbowski)
Underdevelopment, Poverty and H1N1 Flu Virus
[Interview] Dr Francisco Hideo Aoki, infectious disease specialist, talks about Brazil's situation
We know from the news worldwide that the only real solution is international scientific cooperation and the production of a vaccine. But to face the real problem we have to act globally to put an end ... (Antonio Carlos Rix)
Unmasking Swine Flu
The week when Earth held its breath
Humankind will always have to find new ways to fight off these ever-changing viruses that reinvent themselves in an effort to try and kill us more efficiently. Inventing new anti-bacterial drugs and... (Ryan Edward Fritz)
Mexican Flu Has 'Pandemic' Written All Over It
[Interview] What You Need to Know About Swine Flu
[Letter From Mexico City] The Great Homemade Plague
First-hand impressions from the front lines of the influenza outbreak
Already this crisis has been exploited for electoral gain with various politicians accusing the government and each other of incompetence and deliberately issuing inaccurate death toll figures... (Michael Werbowski)
Aporkalypse Now: What Happens When We're at Phase 6?
You would have to put the entire population in quarantine. And you can't do that, can you?
If we can count on people to keep their cool, it is possible to defeat this virus this time around by essentially waiting it out. That means, no one goes to work or school and while we may become unco... (Nicolas van der Leek)
[Interview] What You Need to Know About Swine Flu
Prof. Robert Bragg, Dept. of Microbial, Biochemical and Food Biotech at Uni. of Free State, SA
The normal influenza that we get is different combinations, but they don't have the increased virulence. So if you have the flu this year, you're not going to get the same strain next year... (Nicolas van der Leek)
Mexican Plague Chronicles
Life in Mexico City during swine flu recalls historical events
This week, I ventured out of my self-imposed quarantine and despite dire warnings to stay put and at home, I mixed with masses at my own peril and walked about without my face gear. In the Centro Hist... (Michael Werbowski)
Mexican Flu Has 'Pandemic' Written All Over It
Swine flu kills 68 in Mexico, spreads to US and infects eight
"It's really critically important we learn more about what's going on in Mexico because reports from Mexico are raising concerns about much more severe disease, and in that -- in Mexico individuals wh... (Nicolas van der Leek)
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