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OhmyNews Citizen Reporter Awards for April
Documentary on Mayan doomsday, 'Britain's Got Talent' Susan Boyle and a London business guru
Second prize was won by OhmyNews newcomer J.N. Paquet, for his piece on "Britain's Got Talent" contestant Susan Boyle, who took the world by storm on the Internet with her amazing voice... (Todd Thacker)
OhmyNews Gave Me a Platform
For the first time I had the chance to publish my ideas
There are seven billion people in the world, and each and every one of them has some special ability. Everybody has to find out his or her inner calling. That is the crucial thing.... (Hartmut Kaiser)
OhmyNews UN Correspondent Receives Silver Medal
Prize Awarded for 'Interesting and Provocative Coverage' of United Nations
Hauben has reported from the UN for OhmyNews International since October 2006. In 2007 she was told she had been on the short list for an award. She won the award this year for articles she wrote betw... (OhmyNews)
Oh Yeon-ho,
President and CEO
Volunteer Editors
- Claire George, Citizen Reporter
- Rich Bowden, Citizen Reporter
- John Boland, Citizen Reporter
- Carlos Arturo Serrano, Citizen Reporter
- Lee Ki-jong, Software Engineer
- Choi Yong-min, Software Engineer
- Ko Jeong-mi, Art Director
- Bang Ki-kwan, CFO
- Kim Su-jung, Accountant
Young Citizen Journalists Warming Up
Eleven students spent two days at OhmyNews English News Camp
For students, it was not only a good chance to improve their English skills and to be introduced to journalistic writing but also a great opportunity to meet friends from different ages and schools. A... (Lee Ga-yon)
OhmySchool's 'Together We Go' Commencement Project
Three day excursion to introduce 100 rural students to Seoul, Ganghwa Island
The full aim of this campaign is to introduce the stories of over 100 'lonely new students' entering grade one without a single fellow classmate. OhmyNews will share stories about rural communities a... (OhmyNews)
OhmyNews International Citizen Reporters' Forum 2008
Video available for all sessions from the June 27 event in Seoul
This year's forum will focus on "Candlelight 2008" and its effects on media leadership. Korean media outlets that engaged with the "Candlelight 2008" both directly and indirectly, will actively de... (OhmyNews)
OhmyTV Beef Protest Coverage Opens Readers' Hearts, Pocketbooks
Donations to cover bandwidth costs of live video feeds of candlelight vigils total $130,000
OhmyNews sent in OhmyTV, its Web casting crew, to the scene and followed the nightly vigils. Viewers to the site poured in and logged a record 1.2 million unique viewers in a single spurt on June 1... (OhmyNews)
OhmyNews Journalism School Syllabus
Hundreds of people have learned the theory and practise of citizen journalism
The school, located in a small village on Kanghwa Island (south of Seoul), offers numerous courses on journalism writing, digital media techniques and writing practice, taught in Korean and English by... (Todd Thacker)
OhmyNews Citizen Journalism School Opens
A rural elementary school gets a $400,000 upgrade
Facilities will include three classrooms large enough to accommodate 100 students simultaneously and in-school lodging and dining capacity for 50 guests, complete with broadband Internet access... (OhmyNews)
10 Preconditions for the Value of User-generated Content
[Speech] OhmyNews CEO Oh Yeon-ho's address on the 7th anniversary of the company
Indeed, these 10 preconditions are nothing new. They have been pursued since the concepts of press and journalism were introduced. In the age of new media, we are seeking answers based on the... (Oh Yeon-ho)
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