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Happy 10th Birthday to OhmyNews
Creating a 21st Century Form of Journalism
Web-research pioneer and OhmyNews columnist Ronda Hauben wishes the organization a happy 10th anniversary, and tells how some of her stories for the Web site helped to change her world... (Ronda Hauben)
Chinese Netizens Question Obama
Netizens ask thousands of questions before Obama's China visit
By the example of their questions to US President Obama for his visit to China, netizens in China have applied their social concern and added a new input mechanism for foreign policy consideration.... (Jay Hauben)
New Media and the Challenge of UN Reporting
Netizen journalism encourages debate over differing views
Much of the US media too often watches to see which side has the most power and represents only that singular view of an issue. The author argues netizen journalism is one solution to this problem.... (Ronda Hauben)
China Host To First 'Netizen Day'
Researcher's remarks on the September 14, 2009 celebration
Often there have been events celebrating the origin and development of the Internet but only rarely has there been recognition offered for the netizen, who makes a better world possible through commun... (Ronda Hauben)
How Citizen Journalism Changed My Life
One reporter's account of the opportunities writing can offer
I signed up with OhmyNews in 2006, at the time, I was working as a textbook editor in Korea. When I expressed my desire to write, everyone told me to look into OhmyNews. So I did.... (Joan Dawson)
Wanted: 100,000 Supporters To Save OhmyNews
Within hours, thousands of readers pledged support
Less than 24 hours after OhmyNews asked its readers to join the site as supporters, some 1100 readers have confirmed their financial contribution, with 1825 pledging their commitment.... (Jean K. Min)
What Does OhmyNews Mean to You?
A call for 100,000 strong OhmyNews member club
Oh Yeon-ho writes an open letter to readers and contributors about OhmyNews' new membership subscription strategy.... (OhmyNews)
OhmyNews Citizen Reporter Awards for April
Documentary on Mayan doomsday, 'Britain's Got Talent' Susan Boyle and a London business guru
Second prize was won by OhmyNews newcomer J.N. Paquet, for his piece on "Britain's Got Talent" contestant Susan Boyle, who took the world by storm on the Internet with her amazing voice... (Todd Thacker)
Netizen Journalism as Watchdog Journalism
Netizens and Candlelight 2008, creating new models for Democracy
Along with netizens reporting on the demonstrations, Internet forums were filled with references to other sites, to discussions on issues and to critiques of the views of the conservative media... (Ronda Hauben)
An Interview I Did Not Do
Nevertheless, in a way I did my job
Less than a week later I received a kind but hurried response, describing my email as a "very very long list of questions given all the other things I'm juggling at the moment." There was no implicati... (Carlos Arturo Serrano Gomez)
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[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
  [ESL/EFL] Talking About Change
  [ESL/ EFL Podcast] Personal Finances
  [ESL/EFL] Buying and Selling
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