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Signs of Climate Change Upon Us
[Opinion] Citizen reporters and bloggers should record unusual weather in their regions
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Bubbling in Siberia are the Foot Falls of Doom View : 383 , 7, 8
Lonewolf, 2007/01/18 11:52
Is there anyone who can confirm that Methane has begun to bubbling out of the Siberian tundra? I realize Siberia is sparsely populated, but we really need first hand accounts that indeed serious melting is occuring there along with the release of Methane.

The reason this is so important has to do with a well documented mass extinction theory called the "Methane Hydrate Gun Hypothesis" or sometimes the "Clathrate Gun Hypothesis". The Hypothesis is that 55 million years ago an increase in temperature started melting deosits of Methane Hydrate which released Methane (a green house gas more than 20 times more potent than CO2) into the atmosphere and started a positive feed back loop of more warming releasing more gas which created more warming and released more gas and on and on. They believe it raised Earth's average global temperature by about 10 degrees in a very short time (maybe a few decades) and killed off almost every living thing in the lower latitudes. What life survived held on in sweltering heat in places equivalent to antarctica and Northern Canada (note: continental drift has moved things around a little bit since then). Imagine the temperature at the equator not a maximum around 120^F, but 180^F or more. Imagine an ocean so warm that there is almost no oxygen dissolved in it (the warmer water gets, the less gas it can hold, like warm Pepsi).
The oceans becomes home to anaerobic bacteria producing lethal amounts of Hydrogen sulfide gas (that rotten egg smell you smell at low tide). We need only look to Venus to see what can and has happened here on Earth in the past. Although Methane breaks down to CO2 in about a decade it still took several hundred thousand years for the temperature to come back down, in part thanks to photosynthesising bacteria in the sea sequestering the CO2 (and creating the present Methane Hydrates deposits - Gaia's own immune reponse). Today there is an estimated 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 cubic meters of Methane gas trapped in these Methane Hydrate deposits (clathrates) beneath the not so frozen northern tundras and beneath the continental shelves of the world. If this genie gets out of it's Earthly bottle there is no way to stop it, although I have an extreme idea for rapidly raising sea level to put more pressure on the Methane Hydrates buried in the continental shelf, but this is an act of pure despiration and may be to little to late. Here is a website that gives a good explanation of the process involved:

I urge you to look up this information on the web and pass it on to anyone who will listen. From articles I have been reading it sounds like this process has begun during the summer months in Siberia and Alaska. We are sitting on a time bomb and it is ticking or in this case bubbling away. We need to stop this NOW! While changing our own activities to reduce our carbon foot print is negligible, the collective actions of millions has a huge impact. We have some of the most powerful weapons against global warming at our finger tips,
our Ideas and our Words and for the first time in human history we have a way of telling almost every human on the planet via the Internet. The information on Methane Hydrate I have just given you may only be read by a dozen people, but if they then tell a dozen people each and so on, soon most of the World will know the danger we are all in. Many people will not change there habits unless they are forced to, but many other people Will, until eventually the idea catches on. Think of all the great Ideas in history that started small, but now have a huge impact on our societies. Look what the idea of Democracy has created or look at the Worlds great religions. Christianity was spread by a dozen men who were being hunted down by the might of Rome, yet a few hundred years later Christianity conquered Rome and eventually controlled most of the kings of Europe. Never under estimate the power of a single voice.

As for what environmental changes are happening right now around me,
well I live in the mountains of Maine in the USA. Ten days ago it was 70^F and right now the temperature is heading down to a low of -20^F. Last week there were Bears roaming around instead of hibernating! It has been a near disaster for the two ski resorts near me and right about now I bet they are celebrating the recent cold snap, but will Spring temperatures return in April or will it be February? In 2003 I was hiking and spotted my first centipede I have ever seen this far north. I use to see them about 300 miles south of here, but last summer I seen a half dozen of them in Maine. The El Nino may be responsible for the weather pattern, but the extreme temperatures it has produced are the result of Global Warming. 2006 has been a wake up call and I fear 2007 may be the start of an on going unstable climate.

I think we need to to have a world wide protest on Earth Day in April. Imagine the message we could send if millions of people around the world all protested at once!
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