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Netizens Question Cause of Cheonan Tragedy
Online media challenge claims that North Korea is responsible for sinking the Cheonan
The South Korean government headed by Lee Myung-bak is trying to dispel criticism that its accusation that North Korea i...
[Opinion] Democracy's Downfall
What are the results of privileging bankers over citizens?
The ideas and socially progressive ideals espoused by Sir Ralf Darendorf and Alfred Herrhausen which privileged the citi...
[Opinion] Iran Defends Peaceful Nuclear 'Right'
Ahmadinejad Explains Problems with Security Council
Iran's president reminded the world in a recent speech that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty regards the peaceful us...
Arizona's Immigration Bill and Korea
Adopting a failed precedent
Citizen reporter and human rights advocate Michael Solis offers six lessons about immigrants, to both Korea and the Unit...
UN General Assembly to Decide Whether Internet Governance Forum will Continue
G77 + China Emphasize Importance of Implementing WSIS Goals
UN General Assembly to Decide Whether Internet Governance Forum will Continue...
Google Obscures Decision Making Processes
Google failed to consult Chinese 'netizens' when changing policy
In the dispute between Google and the Chinese government, the diverse views of the Chinese Internet users, of its netize...
UN Votes For Goldstone Report, Again
12 Security Council members, up from 5, show support
OhmyNews' featured writer at the United Nations discusses another vote on the Goldstone Report...
Assassination in Dubai
The blurred trail of mideast power politics?
Evidence linking the Israeli Mossad to the assassination of former Hamas chief military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in ...
Happy 10th Birthday to OhmyNews
Creating a 21st Century Form of Journalism
Web-research pioneer and OhmyNews columnist Ronda Hauben wishes the organization a happy 10th anniversary, and tells how...
Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill
Threats to the lives of Uganda's LGBT community
Michael Solis examines the layers of criticism that surround the proposed anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda....
[Opinion] A Swine Flu Post-Mortem
Questions remain in the aftermath of H1N1
What reportedly began in Mexico last spring, in Vera Cruz state at an industrial pork farm, was then upgraded to a globa...
Ban Ki-moon on Goldstone Report Progress
Secretary General observes, does not analyze the report
Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has issued a 1-1/2 page report to the General Assembly on the ...
The Great Global Arms Bazaar
A new, world-wide arms race is underway
The "defense industry" has grown to what it is now: an unwieldy Golem, that's out of control....
Korea's HIV/AIDS Policies, Empty Promises
Government maintains mandatory testing despite lifting travel ban
In January, both the Republic of Korea and the United States lifted travel bans on HIV-positive people. But does it mea...
'Revolving Door' Israeli Labor Economics
Govt. plans to replace thousands of deported illegals with Israelis
A plan to forcibly reduce the country's number of illegal foreign guest workers, in order to create jobs for tens of tho...
Ronda Hauben
Netizens Question Cause of Cheonan Tragedy
Michael Werbowski
[Opinion] Democracy's Downfall
Michael Solis
Arizona's Immigration Bill and Korea
Yehonathan Tommer
Assassination in Dubai
[ESL/EFL Podcast] Saying No
Seventeenth in a series of English language lessons from Jennifer Lebedev...
  [ESL/EFL] Talking About Change
  [ESL/ EFL Podcast] Personal Finances
  [ESL/EFL] Buying and Selling
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